I was talking to my client, Judy, the other day who is just that. She’s built and run a successful business for over a decade. Yet she was calling me, as her mentor, to say, “I’ve been chewing and chewing on this idea for weeks now. I was wondering if you thought this approach to my marketing might work?” judi slot

I laughed and then shared with her that I’ve spent my own few weeks wandering in circles and ‘wondering.’ This past year I’ve faced a list of things that I had planned, and each took 2 extra months to be completed as I spent time ‘wondering’ rather than taking action. For instance, I’ve had copy still to write for a product I told myself I’d have finished and out the door months ago. And I have less than 10% left to complete, for Pete’s sake! And there it was again on a MasterMind call this week – Karen, a world recognized expert, was on the line, wondering for the 4th month whether she should fire another less than competent assistant.

There’s nothing quite like seeing and hearing patterns to trigger my designing a system for handling it!

Each time I was behind on my deadlines it was because I ran into a wall of resistance about moving forward, And the issue was never whether or not I actually wanted to complete the actions needed.

When I looked back at my recent stall outs, and saw the pattern, I looked back over the last 5 years. Then the 5 years before that and so on. It helped me see that there are 3 questions that I use regularly to identify what has me stalled – and release the brakes.

When I shared them with Judy, she realized she didn’t need my opinion about her idea, she already knew her answer. The questions helped her release the ‘pause’ button she had her finger on and step forward.

They work for me, they worked for Judy and Karen, and they’ll work for you: